Cluster API Provider Linode

PLEASE NOTE: This project is considered ALPHA quality and should NOT be used for production, as it is currently in active development. Use at your own risk. APIs, configuration file formats, and functionality are all subject to change frequently. That said, please try it out in your development and test environments and let us know how it works for you. Contributions welcome! Thanks!

What is Cluster API Provider Linode (CAPL)

This is a Cluster API implementation for Linode to create, configure, and manage Kubernetes clusters.


Cluster API Versions

CAPL is compatible only with the v1beta1 version of CAPI (v1.x).

Kubernetes Versions

CAPL is able to install and manage the versions of Kubernetes supported by the Cluster API (CAPI) project.


Please see our Book for in-depth user and developer documentation.